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June 05, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Written by Kate Tenforde

Why We Run! 

  1. Oh the Places You’ll Go – This Dr. Seuss book always shoots up the bestseller list during graduation season.  We’ll give it an extra plug today!  Running helps you see the world!
  2. Time Away from Technology – Running provides one of your only chances to separate from your computer and/or cellphone.
  3. Inexpensive – Yeah, sneakers are pricey…but running is still the cheapest sport around!
  4. Anywhere, Anytime – You don’t need a fancy gym membership or any equipment.
  5. Bonding Opportunities - Running is a great way to make new friends and catch up with old friends.
  6. Total Body Workout – Most forms of exercises only work one part of the body.  Running works both your arms, and legs.
  7. Meditative – Running offers a chance to relax and escape from your worries
  8. Get a burst of energy – Feeling tired?  A run can reinvigorate you and cut down on fatigue.
  9. Beach Body – Yes, we encourage you to do core.  But running will strengthen your abdominals too!
  10. Road races - Studies suggest that people are more committed to their exercise routiines when they have a goal.
  11. Turn that frown upside down - Otherwise known as the "runners high"
  12. Bonding time with Fido - An activity you can do with the dog!
  13. Pasta! - What runner doesn't enjoy carbs?  We encourage yo to eat a healthy diet, but running and the caloric burn will allow you to be a little more flexible with your diet.
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