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June 16, 2024

Runcoach Success Story: Rebecca Hamid

Written by Cally Macumber
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10 Years Later: A New Personal Best

Major milestone:

New 8k PB running 2024 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle (10 years after running the last one and post-kid pause).

What is the secret to your success?Rebecca_Hamid_Success_Story_Blog

Gradual build-up to stay injury-free. Running majority of weekly mileage slow. Pushing limits during weekly tempo run. Scraping and foam rolling. Listen to body first even if that means missing a run here and there or going slower. Focus on better quality sleep and hydration.

What is the biggest obstacle to reaching your goals and how do you get over it? 

Finding the time for base building and marathon build-ups with two young kids and a demanding job. I changed the way I train and now doing most of my miles on my treadmill at home (instead of group runs outside pre-kids).

What is the most rewarding part of training? 

Putting it all into action during a race and seeing the progress made.

What advice would you give to other members of the Runcoach community?

Choose the training method and volume/running goals that work best for your circumstances.

What feedback would you offer on the Runcoach experience?

Being an experienced runner now training independently, this tool works great to keep me motivated and on track. Having a coach available for questions along the way personalizes the experience further and has helped me when doubts came up along the way.

Last modified on June 17, 2024
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Cally Macumber

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